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About Page

Welcome to our site.

I have been dabbling in IT stuff for a long time, starting as someone that spend weeks learning basic dos commands like dir, format, sys, copy, xcopy, and progress to network troubleshooting with ping, netstat, nbtstat, debug and so on.

I was taught basic computer troubleshooting by a friend in IT who is always saying that IT technicians aren’t repairmen but parts replacer and that its all 5v/12v, you don’t need to be worried.

IT industry then was a lot less security conscious. You can “accidentally” echo or write jmp ffff:0000 into a file and place it in autoexec.bat to prank a friend.

SMB was lax, blank passwords are rampant and unknown file in share are executed when browsed.

Computer viruses are written to alter executable files, copying themselves to the files.

Chargen service was always on and doing chargen echo between servers could cause crash.

Telnet is commonly used to configure router or check for open ports or SMTP open relays.

As technology keeps changing, there are too many new things to remember. With the upscale of moving workloads on to the cloud, there are also a lot of new information requiring knowledge on TLD, ccTLD domains, integrating cloud services like Office 365 and specialized knowhow on backup of such varied platforms across an organization’s setup.

This site is a simple knowledge base on some of the IT issues that I or some of my peers have encounter during the course of work. Hopefully, it can help me or some others to solve the IT problems that they may be facing.

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